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Welcome to the City of Spokane Valley Public Portal!

Faster permitting for ALL PERMITS!!!!  The process of applying for a permit remains the same, you can still pay and issue your trade permits without delay. New Residential and Commercial Permit Applications with review fee payments can be done online through the portal. Look at the Documents below for some visual aids on frequently asked question and helpful guides.

As always, should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Permit Center Staff at 509.720.5240 or email here.

DISCLAIMER: By accepting this permit and proceeding with the work, the applicant/permittee and owner acknowledges and agrees that: 1) If this permit is for construction of or on a dwelling, the dwelling is/will be served by potable water. 2) Ownership of this City of Spokane Valley permit inures to the property owner. 3) The applicant/permittee is the property owner or has full permission and authority to represent the property owner in this project and carry out the work specified in the permit. 4) All construction is to be done in full compliance with the City of Spokane Valley Municipal Code. The applicable codes are available for review at the City of Spokane Valley Permit Center. 5) The applicant/permittee further declares that they are either: (A) a contractor currently registered and properly licensed in accordance with Chapter 18.27 RCW; (B) the registered or legal owner or authorized agent of the property for which I am applying for permit and not a licensed contractor; or (C) otherwise exempt from the requirements set forth in RCW 18.27.090 and will abide by all provisions and conditions of the exemption as stated. 6) The City of Spokane Valley permit is a permit to carry out the work as specified therein and is not a permit or approval for any violation of federal, state or local laws, codes or ordinances. 7) Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant/permittee and property owner. 8) Plans or additional information may be required to be submitted and subsequently approved before this application can be processed.  The City is not responsible for any code violation through the issuance of this permit. 9) Failure to request and obtain the necessary inspections and inspection approvals may necessitate stoppage of work and/or removal of certain parts of the construction at the applicant's/permittee's or property owner's expense.

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